Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II: The diet that fuels world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr

Andy Ruiz Jr will start a diet to get ready for his rematch but there will still be time for meals in the weekends.
The first world champion of warrior beat Joshua after weighing in at 19st 2lbs but intends to eliminate weight live on Sky Sports Box Office.
The Meal Plans of Zo, chef and his nutritionist , only told about Ruiz Jr eats to maintain his fitness, Sky Sports.
Since hammering Joshua has Ruiz Jr remained healthy and fit?
That is nothing we have not dealt with in the past although he will be heavy. He likes tacos. We don’t worry about his diet out camp. Keep in mind, this is a heavyweight camp. Andy isn’t a lightweight.
When his diet begins, is Ruiz Jr disciplined?
Yes. We attempt to make it fitter. A lot of vegetables and fruits but he has the cure. For the large part, he is serious about his dietplan. We attempt to offer the correct fuel to him. We present fish and veggies.
Inform us around Ruiz Jr’s cheat meal…
We will cheat. In the camp we’d go to the films in the weekend and he’d have popcorn. However, the tacos are our getaway on Friday night. There is. But nothing too crazy.
Where does Ruiz Jr go to eat tacos?
There is a place close to his property, an outdoor place in the corner where you can’t even sit inside – Andy loves the el warrior con queso tacos. They put cheese inside the tacoand melt – he adores the pork although we get a variety.
Does Ruiz Jr focused during a coaching camp is kept by a cheat meal?
Definitely. We have to keep him happy. He gets grouchy when he is hungry. So I keep him fed. He works out hard and his coaching days are rough so that I keep him happy and helplessly.
Ruiz Jr vs Joshua II is about December 7, now live on Sky Sports Box Office.

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