Loughborough Lightning sign Sam May from rivals Wasps Netball

Loughborough Lightning have signed two Superleague winner goal-keeper Sam May from competitions Wasps.
May competed in 3 Grand Finals and plied her trade for the previous few decades at Wasps.
The Australian tall defender first occurred to the courtroom for its Hertfordshire Mavericks prior to switching because of their inaugural season in 2017 to Wasps. She went on to win back-to-back names with the black and gold.
The 32-year-old is eager for the challenge ahead, after making the transfer to Lightning.
„It’s very exciting, it is a new chapter for me. I have had the privilege to perform Wasps and Mavericks previously and I think that this is a excellent opportunity to see what I can bring on the side,“ she explained.
„Loughborough are after the name and I am hoping that I can contribute to that goal, but also off-court I really do a great deal of training and am hoping that my wisdom and experience as a participant and coach can also assist with the pathway setup here in Lightning.“
Wasps have pipped Lightning to the post in two Grand Finals, however despite the history between the sides,“ May is hopeful she will be accepted by the fans.
„Hopefully the fans are nice to me! That is a journey that is new and I’m a player that no matter who they follow, people like to watch play. I’m expecting I bring something fresh to both sides and can present my creativity out on daddy,“ she said.
May joins Ella Clark since the Lightning player that is next to register for the season.
Live netball is back on your displays in October together with all the Fast5 All Stars Championship.

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