Juventus ‚ultra‘ fans arrested after alleged illegal ticket demands

Authorities have detained 12 hardcore Juventus’ultra‘ fan leaders for a series of alleged offences.
The accusations include things like whenever they weren’t awarded tickets than the amount 28, making needs that are illegal to the club for example carrying chants during matches.
There are fees for association, extortion, money laundering and violence.
The analysis by Turin prosecutors is linked into the‘ ultras‘ section at Allianz Stadium to infiltration of the Calabrian‘ Ndrangheta crime mob.
The study was triggered by a charge from Juventus a year ago and also the arrests come two decades after the club was fined and ordered to play a match with a number of the key sections of its stadium closed for sale tickets to’ultras‘ and encouraging scalping.
Juventus president Andrea Agnelli was punished to the earnings, but his one-year ban was raised through an Italian football federation appeals court in December.

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