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The organizer of the trip the president to Katyn was the Office of the President. He was never organized the so-called. Joint trip to Katyn, so consequently the so-called. Separation visits never did not happen „- he said in a brief statement. He added that the term „separation visits“ functions in political journalism, often aggressively, but – he stressed – has no basis in reality. Before SO already been questioned on this issue many witnesses m.in .: b. Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, many contemporary officials Office of the President, the Chancellery and the Embassy in Moscow, as well as representatives of the then leadership of BOR officers and 36 special unit. At the end of April last year for a few hours in the testimony submitted b. The Prime Minister and current head of the European Council Donald Tusk. A considerable part of the questions concerned the reasons for organizing separate visits to the Katyn – Prime Minister of 7 April 2010. And the president on 10 April 2010. „In my plans and, from what I remember, in the plans of President Kaczynski, was not a common visit“ – declared Tusk. Former Prime Minister marked the that „regardless of what political culture prevails today in Poland on the subject – is not, and should not be the job of the prime minister or the president to influence any decisions about. Landing site, landing, flight direction, the nature of the machine, selection of machines. “ „Immediately I can evaluate whether to issue an opinion on the work of the Arab minister. (…) Then, as today, and appreciate his work as the most“ – he stressed Tusk asked whether after the disaster Arabic has been punished in any way for taking the disciplinary decisions . In the process he was twice questioned the expert – one of the experts in the team led by Colonel. Dr. Anthony Milkiewicza that giving an opinion on the needs of the investigation the prosecutor’s office. As part of the expert team that dealt with issues of law and air traffic. Chartered rated among the irregularities in the organization of the flight „actually occurred at all levels.“ „In this particular case, you could see the systemic problem of VIP flights, which lay in the fact that from the very beginning of the process of ordering flight not respected existing procedures“ – marked the. Chartered said in February. That diplomats from the embassy should not deal with matters flight documents, including cards approach. In his opinion, this issue should be greater involvement of the military. The February hearing expert was probably the last of the hearings in the process. At the beginning of January 2018. It began the so-called court. reckoning evidence. This is usually one of the last steps in the process before it is completed, the final speeches of the parties and judgment. This activity has already taken several dates of the hearing is to be continued on the last date of the designated deadlines – May 7. It is possible, therefore, that even in May, will be closed and lead the court to begin the final speech. In this case, the judgment could collapse before the holidays. So far, the only theme of the visit on April 10, 2010. And terminated by a final judgment is a matter b. Gen. deputy head of the BOR. Paul Bielawnego. In April of 2017. Warsaw Court of Appeal upheld the ruling of first instance sentencing him to 1.5 years in prison, suspended for three years for irregularities in protecting visits Donald Tusk and Lech Kaczynski in Katyn on 7 and 10 April 2010. In 2016. Court district as a first instance sentenced Bielawnego indicated that the accused m.in .: „allowed to carry out both by the commander of inadequate security task analysis rejecting the foreign character of both security“; „Allowed to determine the improper composition of the reconnaissance group“; „Refrained from carrying out by the BOR before 7 April 2010. Reconnaissance mission with the participation of officers of the Russian security services planned landing“; „Omission committed to obtaining all the necessary information on how to protect the Russian side two visits to the definition of rules of cooperation with the services host“; „Approved underestimated the degree of risk both visits“ and „allowed to withdraw from organizing the protection of places of basing special aircraft Tu-154 at Smolensk airport.“ Bielawny said from the beginning that he is innocent and requested the acquittal. The economic downturn will not, prosperity returns? / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js .id = id; js.src = „https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js“ vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, „script“, „VT-SDK“) ); / ** / Government spokesman Peter Mueller said Thursday that the state budget in 2020. May have a small deficit due to potential withdrawal from the abolition of the limit 30 times the social security contributions. According to earlier announcements of government representatives, the draft next year’s budget bill deficit is not assumed. To information provided Thursday by Müller they suffered at a press conference of the Civic Coalition Members: Hazel Izabela and Zbigniew Konwiński. „You could say that the state budget is as balanced as Marian Banas is crystal man“ – Hazel ironically, referring to the b. The finance minister, now head of the NIK Marian Banas. „In the election campaign we heard that this historic achievement PiS government. More than a dozen EU countries had a balanced budget and budgets with surpluses and nobody odtrąbił there any success. It is natural in a situation where we have a good situation in the economy“ – argued Ms KO. Meanwhile – as she said – in times of great economic Justice for four years, „he tickled“ Poland budgets with a deficit. „And the budget for 2020, despite the bombastic announcement is the budget deficit,“ – noted Hazel. Konwiński referred in turn to Thursday’s reports that Poland fell to 40th place with 7 positions in the ranking of „Doing Business“ of the World Bank for 2020 „. Today’s information as to the attractiveness of investing in Poland show how the government copes with generally economy, with the creation of economic growth – Poland fell by a further position when it comes to the attractiveness of investments in Poland for 40 miejce 190 countries „- said the deputy KO. He added that the highest place – 25 – in the Doing Business ranking, Poland recorded for the year 2015, the governments of the PO and the PSL. According to the adopted in late September by the government draft budget for 2020. Income and expenses amount to the 429.5 billion zł, which means that next year at the box office is not to be the state deficit. The project involves, among others, the abolition of the limit 30 times the projected average wage in the economy, on social security contributions. As for the income limit, above which ceases to pay contributions to social insurance. This change would mean additional income in the amount of 5.1 billion zł net. The draft budget for 2020. Abolishing restrictions also assumes annual basis of contribution to the pension and disability (30 times the projected average salary in the economy). (PAP) by Marta Rawicz Modern, in connection with the departure of seven Members of the Civic Platform parliamentary club – the Civic Coalition, missing one deputy to the creation of the Parliamentary Caucus – now this formation creates a circle in the Sejm. „We are always of the opinion to help, if it is the ability to function in opposition. No trick is eating each other in opposition. This is a decision shared, which will be the decision of PSL-UED. The decision will take probably on Monday in a meeting or at the club on Tuesday . we do not know exactly, „- he said Sefaniak Sunday aired on Polsat News.W Saturday Jacek Protasiewicz – who is vice-president of the Union of European Democrats and deputy chairman of the club PSL UED – confirmed in an interview with PAP that Members of Modern authorities turned to him asking them to join their circle, which then – reaching the number of 15 members – would be klubem.Protasiewicz said that the decision on this matter will be taken at the beginning of the week. „At the moment there is no enthusiasm in the UED or in PSL for such a solution“ – zastrzegł.W Wednesday with the club Modern gone seven members – the head of the club Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz, Cornelia Wróblewska Elizabeth Stepien, Krzysztof Truskolaski, Paul Kobyliński Michal Jaros Marek Sowa. They went to the newly formed Civic Platform parliamentary club – the Civic Coalition. The ranks of the new club zasilił Peter Misiło that was before more than a week ago expelled from the Modern. Wednesday’s departure deputies made the Modern club in the Sejm ceased to exist and became kołem.Szefem Modern wheel was on Friday, Mr Paul Pudłowski. Head of Modern Catherine Lubnauer spoke at Saturday’s press conference that the new president as one of the fundamental tasks set himself to build a club of Modern Sejmie.Liderka party also indicated that „the circle also can function.“ „It is important that guided him certain values, and these values ​​are with us,“ – she pointed out. „We are pleased that so many groups in Parliament showed that solidarity can be. We see that more clubs in the opposition is the opposition strengthening and not weakening,“ – dodała.Pudłowski in an interview with PAP expressed the hope that within the next week will be win at least one deputy and restore parliament Modern status of the club. „We are talking to many people who have a similar idea for Poland, just as we are. They are democrats, liberals, wolnorynkowcami – such people in Parliament is very many. The question is only in what constellation you can meet“ – he said. „I will work day and night to happen as soon as possible, I really want this“ – dodał.Także deputy Parliament Speaker Barbara Dolniak told PAP that the politicians are working on Modern conviction deputies to act within one club. „It is important to work within the framework of Modern those persons who, ideas, and activities of the program to identify Modern“ – she noted. „How conducts negotiations and talks, it does not reveal details until their conversation is not completed,“ – she added. Applications for the rejection of the draft in the first reading during the parliamentary debate, which took place on Thursday morning, the opposition filed clubs PO, PSL and Modern UED. For rejecting the project voted 185 deputies, 230 were against, and 7 abstained. The project came to a parliamentary commission of justice and human rights. Later, Parliament voted in favor of providing conclusions that the commission has yet to present a report on Thursday. Also adopted a proposal that also on Thursday – late in the evening after hours. 23 – held the second reading of this project. During the second reading provides for a five-minute statements clubs and groups of deputies. As stated in the PAP committee of justice and human rights, in its meeting on homeworkmarket the consideration of this project is scheduled for hours. 15. Kornel Morawiecki was asked by journalists in the parliament, how he felt after the expose, his son said, „the same as the state, the same as we Poles feel. We feel the responsibility and the joy that we are Poles“ – he stressed. He added that he was especially moved when the son called him as an example. The journalists recalled the words of the opposition saying that the presence of the Prime Minister was vague. K.Morawiecki assessed that „there was too much concrete.“ „Details were very much. He spoke about many issues specific named groups. I think it’s more important in his speech are those moments where he stressed the essential need of our unity, our pride that we are Poles. It seems to me much more important than the lack of specifics about which you’re talking about, „- he stressed. See also: Morawiecki: apartment plus the next 10 years the flagship of the task of the government »journalists pointed out that among the people of freedom the new prime minister made no mention of Lech Walesa. K.Morawiecki replied that „Lech Walesa is, in a sense, a symbolic human freedom, but also departed from the truth.“ He added that „the word of truth in the Prime Minister fell clearly: there is no freedom without truth.“ Inquired, as he is ułożyłby expose Kornel Morawiecki replied that „perhaps he wrote to them shorter, more generally.“ „I understand that he has a plan, will be prime minister, and will want to show the colourfulness of our Polish reality, because there are different groups, different people. Well, they were appreciated and pensioners, and youth, and entrepreneurs, and ordinary people and educated, and the rich and the poor „- said the leader of WiS.zobacz also Morawiecki: In the Bialowieza Forest will proceed according to the judgment of the ECJ“ he noted that „this is the plan for a lot more than two years – I do not know if just for him, do not know this is a plan for us. “ At the end he added: „a long way before him, all of us.“ Among The „Availability Plus“ was announced by the Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the April convention of the United PiS and the Right. The head of government then declared that in the next few years, his Cabinet will allocate 23 billion program zł. The aim of the project – as he said then Morawiecki – is to improve the living conditions of the elderly, the vulnerable and the disabled. In the draft resolution, the Ministry of Investment and Development stressed that due to the change in the age structure of Polish seniors, people dependent and in need of care, will be a growing social group. In addition – as rated resort – to stimulate the economy, it is necessary to provide a permanent resource of skilled people who are now among the inactive groups. „Therefore, in a particularly significant importance, is the need for ensuring the availability – both public spaces and various public policies, so as to eliminate barriers to participation in working life, education, culture, and recreation for these groups,“ – he stressed resort . Miir informed that work on the objectives of the program „Availability Plus“ started in December last year, and their intention was, among others, creation of a comprehensive program, including the availability zapewnianiającego public space. The aim of the project – how ticked authors – will be to enhance the quality of life and ensure the independence of all citizens, in particular the elderly and people with permanent or temporary mobility limitations and perception. Among the priorities of the project, the Ministry mentioned the improved availability of public space, products and services in terms of architecture, information and communication. „It is planned among other things, completion of activities, which will include improving the availability of public places for all citizens (eg. Go, parks, community centers, schools, libraries and churches) and services of general interest (eg.