Juventus 3-0 Bayer Leverkusen: Juve join Atletico Madrid at top of Champions League group

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From Stephan Shemilt
BBC Sport
Juventus took charge of their Champions League Group D fate.
On Juve combined the Spanish side on four things near the top of the table.
Gonzalo Higuain pounced using Federico Bernardeschi, on the error to fire at the first of Jonathan Tah.
Cristiano Ronaldo raced through to get on the third late.
This was a low-key affair following the 17th-minute opener of Higuain in the span in the first half.
Tah failed to take care of a ball from the right, directing it with the Argentine carrying one touch before making a conclusion.
Leverkusen, who lost captain Lars Bender from the warm-up to harm, had lots of the ball, but lacked the guile to unlock the characteristically solid Juve defence.
And, once the hosts had the ability to counter, the German side suffered bouts of panic not helped by the eccentricities of goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky.
Hradecky played his role to keep his side Juventus went through the gears in the second half, so as they did 31, invigorating the house crowd.
By devoting a close-range effort whenever the Portuguese was left in the box, the Leverkusen keeper denied Ronaldo , first using a low save into a shot from 12 metres out.
In between, though, Hradecky was powerless to prevent the second being netted by Bernardeschi.
After great link-up play between Ronaldo and Higuain, Ronaldo failed to associate with a cut-back from the byeline, just for Bernardeschi effectively end the contest and to arrive him supporting.
Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey arrived beyond the bar before the last opportunity, when Paulinhos lob went over onrushing Juve keeper Wojciech Szczesny of Leverkusen, but also as a substitute.
It seemed like Ronaldo would wind the evening frustrated, only for its frontman latching on to a through ball and then finishing through Hradeckys bottoms.
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